Who Are We

Professional Education Foundation-USA
A Not for Profit Organization.

PEF in USA has been raising funds for deserving students of Pakistan for 10 years. Last year, PEF raised funding for approximately 500 professional students. The donations in US are tax exempted and we are approved as 501 (c) nonprofit organization by the US Internal Revenue Service.

PEF is Certified by the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy (PCP)

as one of best governed Non-Profits on the following criteria:

  • Legal & Regulatory aspects
  • General Public Utility
  • Tax Matters
  • Financial Management
  • Governance


The Board member of PEF USA believes that education is a universal and a fundamental human right. It also maintains that by providing financial help to the aspiring and deserving students, the available human talent can be fully exploited, and such students will serve the nation with their capabilities


We strongly believe that professional education is one of the major tools which can be used to abolish poverty from Pakistan and bring in sustainable development in the long run. Such motivation has inspired us to fight towards our mission i.e. Changing Lives through Professional Education.
Our mission differentiates us from the rest of the philanthropic organizations, since our basic and only focus is on creating ease in financial terms for students to support their professional education.


Poverty Alleviation through Professional Education.

Changing Lives of the Underprivileged.

Professional Education Foundation (PEF) is a not for profit organization and committed towards sponsoring students through Zakat and donation. Starting from 75 students in 2009, Now we are supporting 2650 students all over Pakistan.

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