Mr. Hafiz Haq


“I attribute my success to me acquiring my engineering degree, which opened attractive job and growth opportunities for me”. The thought that thousands of poor but brilliant professional students may not complete their education for the lack of financial resources kept bothering me. This led to the idea of PEF and its mission: Poverty Alleviation through Professional Education. PEF is educating 1900 students this year out of which PEF-USA raised a funding of approximately 450 professional students. This year, due to Corona virus, a lot of funding has been diverted to the immediate needs of hunger, affecting PEF’s ability to raise funds. We are trying our best to secure enough funds so that none of our 1900 students are forced to leave their college because they don’t have the money to pay their fees. We therefore urge you to support us at this critical juncture so that the future of these brilliant students is secured.